Spillover Effect Driving Up Prices

(May 12, 2017)

Even in areas like Kelowna, the spillover effect is being felt. The hot surge of the Vancouver housing market is causing other seemingly unrelated markets to also surge as well - thus the term 'spillover effect'. An average one percent increase in housing prices of Vancouver result in a 0.45 percent increase in surrounding areas such as Burnaby and Richmond, 0.73 percent in the North Shore.

B.C. Puts End to Real Estate Self-Regulation

(July 02, 2016)

B.C. premier Christy Clark has put an end to real estate self-regulation. Check out the full story here:

Unavoidable Buzz

(June 17, 2016)

The buzz is everywhere, it’s unavoidable. Coffee shops on Arbutus, cocktail lounges in Yaletown, between the squat rack and bench press at your gym. Everyone is talking, and it’s mostly about Vancouver real estate. 
The question on most people’s minds is; ‘Should I hold off on buying something?’
People that are contemplating getting into the market are are inevitably scared of a ‘downturn’, but when... read more.

Supply vs. Demand: Vancouver

(June 14, 2016)

In what’s being called an “accelerated” market, the prices of Vancouver real estate keep hitting new record highs. While it’s easy to blame foreign money and offshore investors for this situation, Salma Nurmohamed of CBC News offers a different argument.
“Offshore money, absentee landlords and even the latest villain, so called 'shadow-flippers', all get blamed for putting home-owning dreams out of... read more.

Third Most Livable City on Earth

(May 22, 2016)

Based on factors such as political stability, healthcare, culture, education, infrastructure and environment - Vancouver is the third most livable city on Earth. It is a phenomenal place to invest and live in. Let me know how I can help you with all your real estate needs!