Meet Sunny, IT/Media Manager

Sunny Liao is the technical force of Hepburn Real Estate and is in complete alignment with the company’s conscious values. A natural zen master of the inter-connected kind, Sunny's "sunny-disposition" ensures that laughter and joy overflows from the team while brainstorming and manifesting projects. As Christina's right hand in translating her creative ideas into tangible measurable results, Sunny will ensure Hepburn Real Estate clients’ marketing strategies are optimized to razor sharp accuracy.

Sunny is a near-graduate at UBC's Science Program and is the Vice President of Marketing of the UBC Real Estate Club. He is well-versed in multiple realms of entrepreneurship, business, technology, social media platforms and has passion for real estate. His quest to be a successful individual sooner than later is the same positive high-frequency energy that matches the company's commitment to our clients’ financial growth.

Although he believes that Vancouver is the most liveable city on the planet, Sunny wants to visit every single country on earth and make the world a better place.